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About us


Shirley’s Closet has been forty years in the making! From Liverpool in England, I was inspired by my best friends mother, Celia Phillips who was one of the first women in Liverpool to own a gown shop! The prices of the garments were so expensive that only Lords and Ladies and extremely wealthy people could buy their clothes.

In and out of retail with an ongoing passion for fashion, I came to America and subsequently met my husband Lou Shapiro, who was a graduate from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.

His sales agency represented European & American textile manufacturers. His knowledge of fabrics and style is something that is second nature to Lou.

It was going through some difficult financial times in the 2000's we realized we needed to up our income.Through those sad times I actually found my dream I never knew was my dream till I was in it!. I could purchase beautiful clothing for realistic prices, Lou encouraged me and Shirley’s Boutique was born.I made a deal with myself that I was going to close on the Sabbath and on Jewish High Holy days in honor of my religion.  I knew that Saturday is the busiest shopping day in the week and it sounded impossible. However I felt such gratitude I had to put my actions into my belief. It has NEVER been shown to have damaged my business only to have enhanced people interest and they come back another day. I'm open every other day of the week.

I want you to feel as welcome as if you are coming into my home. I want you feel a part of the Shirley's Boutique family. Let me be your clothing matchmaker!

I'm sorry to say that my dear husband Lou passed away in December 2021 but I was able to eventually work through the loss and still have my passion for fashion which gave me the strength to be grateful and carry on with joy and pride.

Come visit and share a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, cookies and browse. Our love of fashion and the desire to make everyone’s experience with us a pleasure, we plan on being in your lives for a long time.

"There is new guy in town that just opened a new clothing Boutique.  Their new store Shirley's Boutique at 73260 El Paseo Palm Desert. It's in the courtyard behind Armando's accessed from Sage to the parking lot.  They have a great staff, Shirley is the best in helping put outfits together for you and the warmth of this type of store is fantastic."  

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